Facade lighting

Lighting is not only for lighting purpose but also show the level of each building,TWD's delighted to introduce to customers the unique lighting solutions available at TWD

Nowaday,With the strong development of cities along with the development of central mall complex,hotels,apartments,they are numerously builded and continuiously increase in the future.Through the skillful hands,architects have drawed outstanding constructions but unfortunately,those constructions would become commom because of splendor lackage.

  With Facede lighting solution,your building might be higlighted among other works,making the diffirence and your own specific feature.




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TWD is a offical distributor of well-known brand PHILIPS which specialize in consulting,designing and supplying devices for Facade lighting solution.

Facade lighting can create an excellent effect and impression but with the optimum expenses.

1.Beaty and achitecture

The purpose of Facade lightinh is to highlight your building by mean of lighting many points or by vivid effect.

Therefore, when performing the facade lighting, attention should be paid to the architectural features, colors or appropriate effects to balance the artistic elements to achieve optimal efficiency.

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2.Investment expense

Facade linghting solution relatively have the big initial expense due to light facilities and static or dynamic lighting requirement, more or less effect.Based on these factors, it is possible to estimate the cost of investment in Façade lighting.

3.Choose the proper type of light

Choose the proper type of light will help to increae aesthenic factor,optimize investment expense.Lights choosen for Facade lighting need to be ensured by IPP66 water tightness and IK05 impact protection or over to perform stably in the inclement weather outside.Another very important factor is light's life,it will determine how long the light last.With PHILIPS light for specific lighting,it's life is up to 100.000 hours,help the system operate stably over time and minimize maitaince expense.


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To implement Facade lighting solution, TWD will study project,listen your opinion and demand before giving out the lighting design,then consult the proper type to minimize cost.This way help to ensure the lighting quality of your construction and make your satisfaction based on your right choice.